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posted 6 Jul 2012, 09:01 by Rekha Maharaj   [ updated 8 Jul 2012, 02:45 ]

 " I first came to Rekha two years ago. I had landed a part in an ITV sitcom called Benidorm , the role required acting in a bikini for four months and I was rather anxious about how the cellulite on the back of my legs may look on HD tv !
After trawling the net on good cellulite treatments , I found an article in one of the national newspapers heaping praise on Rekha's fantastic Lymphatic drainages.
I immediately tracked her down and booked a course of lymphatic drainage.
The results were amazing and I carried out the job with confidence.
I also purchased some Ayutique Purity Blend Oil to take to the shoot with me , and it really worked.
My legs felt toned and smooth and certainly free of cellulite.
Not only did I see physical results from Rekha's treatments but I see inner benefits in that find I feel much more balanced and grounded afterwards.
Her treatments are great for those times when you are feeling run down and stressed .

I also love Rekha's facials and head massages and have found that my scalp and hair condition has improved dramatically since using the Ayutique Sheer Lustre Hair oil "

Best Wishes, Kathryn

Ayutique Purity is a blend of detoxifying herbs that invigorate circulation, decongest, uplifts and tones the body. Eucalyptus being an excellent lymphatic – stimulator balances this magnificent blend designed among benefits to ease stiff muscles. Ayutique Purity oil is perfect for after exercise and yoga sessions massage oil blend.   

 100ml Purity Blend Massage Oil - £30.50