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posted 2 Sept 2013, 11:24 by Rekha Maharaj   [ updated 30 Oct 2020, 15:57 ]

I have been a regular customer of REN and though I am probably not your normal customer being a 25 year old
male I can still appreciate good products and an excellent services. I have been buying from the store a lot of
REN products over the years and I have recommended your products to a lot of others also, even buying as gifts
for family and friends.

More recently I have taken up the offers of £45 facial redeemable against products and have had 4 treatments
over the last few months. I want to provide some feedback on your Skincare Specialist Rekha. 

I have found this lady to be kind, most polite, very gentle and I would perhaps go as far as saying one of the nicest
souls I have ever met. This lady is a true gem and the treatments she has done on my face have been out of this world. I did have one done with who I believe to be the regular therapist there with red hair and I am sorry to say it was not
even remotely in the same league. 

The facial Rekha gives using Ren products is fantastic, I feel so relaxed and zoned out during it and I come away a happy
customer with some products to take away too. This lady has put me so at ease during some appointments I have told her
my life story even and I believe she is a true asset to your company.

I can say certainly from my point of view I have spent a lot of money with REN due to this lady telling me how good your
products are and wanting to come back for another treatment with her. I always ask for her by name as I know do others.
She is a hard working, passionate member of your team and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she has done
for me during my treatments with REN. I do hope you will pass on my feedback to her and I hope she is rewarded accordingly
by your company in the future as she is a true asset to your team. 

I have never put pen to paper before as I am too busy but I simply felt it must be said as I look forward to seeing her each
time I go. 

Thank you REN but most importantly thank you Rekha.

Best Wishes,
Mr J Ardron - June 15th, 2012

Therapeutic Treatments

posted 2 Sept 2013, 11:15 by Rekha Maharaj   [ updated 2 Sept 2013, 11:16 ]

With the passing of the years , many believe that the loss of flexibility and the supple body is a thing of the past . Muscle tension and spasm creeps up almost imperceptably until the ability to bend the spine and flex the knees can become very restricted . With the skills and techniques used by Rekha Maharaj, this can be greatly helped -deep massage, the use of Ayutique herbal liniments, local heat and an excercise programme gives relief and improvements  after a short course of treatment.
Obviously , the supple body of a twenty year old cannot be achieved but less restricted movement and general flexibility can. Thank you Rekha

Retired Medical Dr at 78 - Health Associate Specialist at NHS
6 - 02 - 2013

Is this My Hair

posted 6 Jul 2012, 09:24 by Rekha Maharaj   [ updated 8 Jul 2012, 06:04 ]

"I've always had hair falling issues until I've started using Ayutique Sheer Lustre Hair Oil, it works amazingly well for my hair, I would recommend it to everyone I know!!! My hair has STOPPED falling and really strong. Much more shiny and really soft. I can't believe that this is really MY Hair. Great product for anyone with hair problems"
Thank You!!

100ml Sheer Lustre Hair Oil - £28.50

Muscle Pain Relaxant & Winter Cherry Oil

posted 6 Jul 2012, 09:16 by Rekha Maharaj   [ updated 8 Jul 2012, 06:34 ]

" I have painful legs and feet from standing all day being in retail! The price we pay for having to be in heels! Apart from being tired and mentally stressed, I find having to do a relaxing ritual at the end of the day not only a chore but also the cherry on the top! By God, after a hot shower and an application of Ayutique Nature's Liniment and Winter Cherry Oil, I am revitalized again!!!
"I love these products as they are of undoubted superior quality, really effective. Thank You!!"
G Rajput
 100ml Muscle Pain Relaxer Massage Oil - £32.50
Ayutique Liniment Massage Oil's proven formula alleviates rheumatism, neuralgic pains, lumbago, arthritis, sciatica, sprains and stiffness, frozen shoulder and painful inflammatory conditions including synovitis. Aromatherapy oils of cardamom, cajuput, ginger and oily extract of Gaultheria fragrantissima work synergistically as an effective rubefacient and therapeutic herbal massage oil for localized pains and instant muscle relaxant. Excellent for all types of back pain, providing pain relief to complex symptoms. It spreads easily, ensures deeper penetration and exerts analgesic and anti inflammatory actions. Supports comfortable joint movement. Promote healthy muscles and tendons. Applications and Use: Gently massage a tsp of oil sufficient to lubricate the concerned area to enable the oil to penetrate into the skin tissue.

100ml Pure Winter Cherry Oil - £16.00

Ayutique Pure Ashwagandha oil, also known as Winter Cherry, is renowned for its adaptogenic strengthening properties soothing senses from nervous exhaustion. Sesame oil contains high levels of minerals including calcium, magnesium renowned for soothing nervous tension and organic iron. This pure blend is suitable in treatment of long term stress as it reduces over-activity of the mind, encouraging deep rest and relaxation also excellent in the treatment of strengthening muscle tissue, supporting excessive sporting activities. Warm gently in your hands and apply liberally in massage technique to your body. Allow to absorb into your skin for at least half an hour. Preferably rest overnight


Amazing Sweet Almond Oil ~ Mom and Baby

posted 6 Jul 2012, 09:07 by Rekha Maharaj   [ updated 8 Jul 2012, 02:52 ]

"Amazing body oil, not only was it great for stetchmarks on my belly after pregnancy, it was superb for baby's cradle cap and the effects of breastfeeding. Thank you. I have to say I have tried many almond oils but nothing compares to yours." Definitely recommending Ayutique Pure Sweet Almond oil to all my pregnant friends.
Best Lisa

Celebrity Essentials

posted 6 Jul 2012, 09:01 by Rekha Maharaj   [ updated 8 Jul 2012, 02:45 ]

 " I first came to Rekha two years ago. I had landed a part in an ITV sitcom called Benidorm , the role required acting in a bikini for four months and I was rather anxious about how the cellulite on the back of my legs may look on HD tv !
After trawling the net on good cellulite treatments , I found an article in one of the national newspapers heaping praise on Rekha's fantastic Lymphatic drainages.
I immediately tracked her down and booked a course of lymphatic drainage.
The results were amazing and I carried out the job with confidence.
I also purchased some Ayutique Purity Blend Oil to take to the shoot with me , and it really worked.
My legs felt toned and smooth and certainly free of cellulite.
Not only did I see physical results from Rekha's treatments but I see inner benefits in that find I feel much more balanced and grounded afterwards.
Her treatments are great for those times when you are feeling run down and stressed .

I also love Rekha's facials and head massages and have found that my scalp and hair condition has improved dramatically since using the Ayutique Sheer Lustre Hair oil "

Best Wishes, Kathryn

Ayutique Purity is a blend of detoxifying herbs that invigorate circulation, decongest, uplifts and tones the body. Eucalyptus being an excellent lymphatic – stimulator balances this magnificent blend designed among benefits to ease stiff muscles. Ayutique Purity oil is perfect for after exercise and yoga sessions massage oil blend.   

 100ml Purity Blend Massage Oil - £30.50   

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