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Pregnancy Health Massage Course


Ayutique Naturally Nourishing Oils and Pregnancy Health offers a new and unique way of treating pregnancy that is both advantageous for mum, baby & therapist. We are the only pregnancy trainers in the UK to use specialist pregnancy cushions that enable pregnant women to lie face down during a massage. This has a number of positive implications for both the client and the therapist. The course has been approved and it carries 5 CPD points accredited by the CThA, fully insurable provided you have a minimum of 2 years of experience in massage with a minimum of an NVQ Level 3 pre - requisite qualification in anatomy, physiology and pathology.

By using Ayutique therapeutic and premium quality body oils both mum and baby are fortified and nourished. Effective oils are used in pre - natal treatments to assist in stress free and easy pregnancy to assisting with problematic pregnancy off course within guidelines of medical support and supervision.

Pure extra virgin, cold pressed bio - active oils rich in omega 3,6, vitamin  E and minerals provide both mum and baby excellent aftercare with common symptoms of mums cracked and dry nipple, stretch marks, baby's cradle cap and associated symptoms of pregnancy.
Targeting Post natal weight loss programme with pure body oils for application both designed to use daily and further enhanced by providing treatments of herbal body exfoliations and lymphatic massage.

         BENEFITS for MUM

·  The cushions have revolutionised the way pregnant women can relax and receive treatments.

·  The cushions instantly help to relieve compression in the client’s hips and knees caused from sleeping all night on their side, relieving carpel tunnel & sciatica.

· Breast comfort

· As the babies weight moves from the pelvis the point of gravity shifts so that any
downward or sideward pressure is released with more space for mum’s internal

· Mum able to connect with baby

       BENEFITS for BABY

·   Allows the weight of the baby to move out of the pelvis and into the front of the body and so more space is created for the foetus.

·  Allows baby to move into optimal position for labour and birthing process.


·  Relaxes muscles, supports without pressure, decompresses the spine, adjusts to all body sizes

·  Improves access to areas of tightness and allows the therapist to reach particular problem areas on the pregnant lady, especially the lower back & sides of the legs which are harder to reach with a traditional side lying massage.

·   Using the specialist cushions allows the therapist to reach the whole back and optimizes access to the shoulders and neck and hip area.

·  As therapists we are always looking for ways to safeguard our own bodies and the cushions really help. Because the whole massage is front lying there is not so much pressure on the therapists joints especially the wrists.

·  The versatility of the cushions makes them a very cost effective option.

· They are lightweight and can be easily transported and so can also used in the corporate environment instead of the traditional on-site massage chair which is heavier & bulkier.

·  They can also be used for supine treatments for example beauty, osteopathic/chiropractic treatments, Cranio sacral therapy and acupuncture. Also ideal for post natal massage/treatments.

  Why we were established

 Many pregnant women returning from retreats etc commented that they felt alienated from treatments. Therapists were afraid to treat them because whilst they may be trained in holistic or therapeutic massage, this basic training did not cover pregnancy in enough detail. Ironically pregnancy is a time when most women want to feel pampered but often cannot benefit from the many advantages of massage due to a lack of qualified practitioners. These were the main reasons that prompted the conception and creation of  Pregnancy Health.
 We want to give your spa or centre a cutting edge form of treatment for pregnant women. After your therapists have been trained you will be able to say confidently say you specialise in pregnancy massage. You will have a unique selling point that gives you the edge over your competitors.
            What we offer
 ·  We offer an intensive one day Advanced Pregnancy Massage training course for existing therapists. An additional one day post  natal training. The course i  approved by the CTHA. It will give you the knowledge and confidence to treat all pregnant clients and teach you when it is appropriate to refer and who to refer to. It is a holistic way of treating pregnancy and we offer a nurturing approach which is supported with a concrete knowledge of pregnancy.
·   Purchase of specialist support cushions.

·   Trade purchase of Ayutique premium quality botanical body oils for retail and professional use.

·  Consultancy service on developing pregnancy treatments and service.

·  There will be no more than 12 therapists on each course, you will be required to complete 3 case studies after your days training and will be practically assessed and required to write an exam to be certified.
A number of our trainees have experienced a definite boom in their ante-natal work because the experience is so positive for mum & therapist alike. With the massage being incredibly comfortable for the client you are likely to have more repeat custom throughout their pregnancy. We have a number of testimonials for the Pregnancy Health treatment.
"The cushions I am on allow the pregnant woman to lie on her front while the baby nestles in amongst them with no fear of squashing. The questions the therapist asked me before my massage were reassuring. She knows what she is talking about…..The full body massage really feels like a treatment. I switch off totally and forget everything…the strain on my muscles is alleviated and I feel floaty, not a feeling I am used to these days.”
The Guardian, Journalist Sandra Haurant, (8 1/2 months pregnant) writing about a treatment she had with one of Pregnancy Health’s trained therapists at the Spa at 51 Buckingham Gate, London.

            As well as a number of independent therapists our clients also include:
Gina Conway AVEDA
Mandarin Oriental Spa
Spa at 51 Buckingham Gate
Bluebird Spa
VENUE & DATES: These are arranged as part of our bespoke service, either in the comfort of your own setting or on a school of 12 students at a training centre in London, these are dependant on the time of year and venue availability.
COST OF COURSE: 350 GBP per student, with groups in excess of 6 to 12 students a discount will be applied.
INTERNATIONAL TRAINING SESSIONS: Run on a bi yearly basis, please submit your enquiries at least 3 months prior to training.