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Registered with the BRCP - Ayutique Therapies are world renowned for its quality therapeutic treatments and courses. Bespoke highly recommended nutritional consultations to deeply profound therapeutic treatments, we have quite an extensive list of clinically holistic therapies which are enjoyed by Celebrities and Londoner's alike. 
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Ayutique Therapies are now available through our mobile therapist as an in home private session. 

Nutritional Consultation: After gathering vital health, nutritional and symptomatic information a rejuvenation programme is devised suited to your needs utilizing some of the newest and oldest methods of mind, body alignment. Going through food groups and analysis of nutrition, with a followed protocol for targeted results.

Purity Signature Treatment: An effective massage using medical lymphatic and manual lymphatic drainage techniques to stimulate lymph flow encouraging circulation and detoxification. Using our signature blend of eucalyptus, grapefruit in a base of sesame seed oil this treatment is excellent for fluid retention, cellulite and weight loss. Rekha is known for her quality results driven treatments. A course of four sessions is recommended and a bespoke package will be designed for you.


Divinity Signature Treatment: Cranio - manipulation massage, deeply profound treatment that relaxes the brain using traditional ayurvedic techniques to pacify and alleviate nervous tension and stress related ailments associated with the central nervous system, using our signature blend of cinnamon leaf, camphor and tribulus terrestris in a base of sesame seed oil.

Serenity Signature Treatment
: Retreat with a two hour marma polarity balancing body massage with pure cold pressed sesame, camphor and peppermint oils in a profound traditional Ayurvedic treatment intricately designed to stimulate the 107 marma points on the body. Controlled breathing techniques are used in synergy stimulating and re-balancing your vital energy to trigger natural healing flow.

Advanced Pregnancy Massage: A light relaxing and refreshing body massage with our Signature nourishing oil blends rich in Omega 3, 6 and linoleic essential fatty lipids are used which help to keep your skin soft, hydrated and supple, a great muscle toner, using advanced safe pregnancy massage techniques. Support cushions are used for maximum comfort of both mum and baby. A course of treatments are recommeded and baby massage is also encouraged after birthing.

Ayurvedic Body Massage: External oleation of the skin with sesame oil produces specific physiological effects, which assist in enhancing the functionality of the body on all levels from softening the skin to rebalancing the endocrine axis.

Nasal Drainage Massage: An effective massage of the nasal fascia with oils of pine, eucalyptus, niaouli and winter green which stimulates the lymph flow encouraging circulation, decongesting within the naso-pharyngeal area. Excellent for sinus related conditions, headaches, colds and flu. Rekha has developed this unique treatment which is guaranteed to banish your symptoms of colds and flu's with immediate relief. Known as the 'Discover the Cold Pod' treatment in winter, great for sinus allergies and associated conditions.

Therapeutic Reflexology: A therapeutic technique using Chinese Meridian therapy to stimulate the reflex points on the feet and hands and face thereby encouraging the body’s natural potential to heal and re – balance.

Cranio Manipulation Massage: A deeply profound treatment working on relaxing the entire brain center with various traditional ayurvedic techniques to pacify and alleviate nervous tension and stress related ailments associated with the central nervous system.

Ayutique Holistic Facial: An anti-ageing bespoke stimulating facial which starts with a cleanse of pure rosewater, honey and sugar exfoliation followed by a refreshing and brightening mask with ingredients suited for your skin type from our Signature facial mask blends, ingredients include saffron, lotus flower, jasmine, neem, asparagus and cinnamon.  Lock in precious elements with oil moisture replenishing with essential omega 3 and 6 in a base of our winter cherry oil.

Facial Reflexology Massage: Known for her outstanding facials, Rekha's facial reflexology will leave you simply glowing, uplifted and refreshed. Releasing the myofascia of skin tissue working on a deep cellular level Rekha uses her signature oil and herb blends which work synergistically to restore an ultimate radiance and face lifting effect. Facial reflexology has been one of Rekha's favourite treatments and using the skin as a 'diagnosis' into the inner wellbeing of the body, Rekha is adept at pin pointing problematic issues both within and without.
Corrective Eye Brow Threading
If eyes are the seat to the soul, then eyebrows must surely be the frame. Achieving a shape that flatters, enhances and accentuates your natural features alters your appearance totally. Known for her threading expert technique and precision eye detail, Corrective Eye Brow Threader Rekha G Maharaj will sculpt your eyebrows defining your brows as they should be.
Threading is an ancient art of depilation using silk and cotton thread to gently lift the hair out of the root. Various threader’s claim the skill, forgetting to consult with the natural contours and features of a ladies face. If you’d like a specific shape, just bring in a picture or consult Rekha to discuss your shape to offer you a choice.
Corrective Eyebrow Sculpt
Refresh Tidy
Lip or Chin
Lip & Chin
Goddess Waxing

Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon Wax delivers superior performance excellent on the most sensitive skins. Organic Strip and Lycon Hot Wax are suitable for the most reactive of skins. The Hot Wax is used on sensitive areas and is practically pain-free with no prolonged sting or redness. Organic Almond oil is applied to calm and finish. Tailored lines and intimate waxing is available. Kindly email for all prices.
*Ayutique Signature Body Therapy includes an express facial mask with Signature Blends exclusive to your Spa Treatment*