...untie what has been tied, make the unknown known and awaken to the perfect balance and harmony between your inner and outer expression...

About Rekha  Internationally renowned for her undoubted miracle work, professionalism and dedication to her career Rekha comes from a Natural Medicine background with a Dip. Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Dip Therapeutic Reflexology, Dip. Meridian Therapy and Acupressure, Dip. Clinical Ayurveda, Bach Flower Therapy, Dermatology, Somatology  and Cosmetology.
Furthering her career in the city of cosmopolitan London UK, Rekha enhanced  her education in Pregnancy Therapies, Theta Healing and Integrative Quantum Medicine.  She combines her qualifications, with a naturally 'inherited' healing ability and passion with a clinically holistic approach. Intuitively treating the individual mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Rekha is regularly featured in the UK National Press, The Telegraph, Time Out, The Evening Standard, Natural Health Magazine, Tatler, Vogue, City A.M to name but a few and most recent South China Morning Post. Holding regular industy talks one of which to the LCBT is an inspirational experience and keeps her motivated as the younger generation embrace the value of alternative therapies.

Training the Advanced Pregnancy Massage Techniques to qualified practitioners, Rekha is hailed as "The Book of Knowledge" by her students, so detailed and thorough. Rekha says ' we have the life of another being in our hands, cherish that moment and be respectful always .'  Her intricate handwork so intuitive and organic works on all levels, delivering results consistently. Known for her Specialist facials, eyebrow sculpting through threading, Lymphatic Drainage and Pregnancy Body Massages Rekha provides a bespoke and unbiased consultation having worked with over 50 skincare and bodycare brands.

Rekha says ' working as a PA to world renowned Dermatologist had carved her way forward into the aspects of precision skincare advice. Having worked with a medical team Rekha's advice is an amalgamation of natural and allopathic medicine which is a rare combination of skills.

Loved by her clients and business affiliates alike Rekha the ' Guru of Natural Health & Beauty ' shares with us one of the highlights of her career is working with A - List and Local Celebrities, ' A true honour to have met  and worked intimately with some incredible personalities in the world, aim for the Universe and you're sure to reach among the Stars '

One thing that's never changing is, as age increases cellular regeneration decreases and seeing how this affects people on a daily basis Rekha has developed a product range designed to keep rejuvenated adding life to your years. Rekha's fundamental interest in health, healing and human anatomy from a young age led her to research a career in advanced Bio-chemistry for Natural medicine. Inspired by ancestoral roots Rekha then furthered into developing the brand Ayutique Ayurvedic and Aromatherapeutic Oil Infusions and having an unwavering belief in the power of nature. Rekha share's with us.....

It Begins with Faith...
...A Faith in the power of nature that has long been respected by our ancestors for over centuries. Ancestors who understood that the body the soul and our environment are intricately entwined. As I watched my grandparents pay homage to nature by treating themselves with ancient eastern herbs, flower oils, crushed roots and other age-old natural healing methods, passed down from generation to generation, it is my desire to revive the belief my grandparents had in the healing and mystical powers of nature. Powers that are deeply ingrained in ancient eastern philosophy, a philosophy which recognizes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being as interdependent.

Our Creation  inspired by Rekha G Maharaj Ayutique is designed to deliver authenticity, allowing you to re-awaken to nature, flavour your senses, sweeten your disposition, stir your imagination and nourish your dreams. Qualified with several years of experience in Natural Health, Alternative Medicine, Clinical Ayurveda & Beauty Aesthetics, the founders decided to develop an Intimate Holistic Range of Innovative Ayurvedic Oils and vegetarian, vegan friendly designed to be incorporated into one’s daily routine to restore, strengthen and fortify the self based on the philosophy of ayurveda alternative health and complimentary medicine. As a British consortium we have a strong focus on like minded suppliers and retailers in the sourcing of our raw materials for our products.

Our Mission love towards humanity and making the world a healthier place to live in. Minimising our carbon footprint globally by collaborating with business affiliates of common goal. Our bottles are PET, we have no extra boxed packaging which allows for ease of recycling, minimising our traces of waste on the earth. We have eco - friendly labelling, bringing a superior product for you to enjoy with no worry. Thinking if is it a safe product of impeccable standard is now trusted when you see an Ayutique label. Visit us at one of our events where you could speak to our customers. Our products are loved by daily users and celebrities.

The Ayutique Herbal Blended Product Range is completely free of petrochemicals, parabens, silicones, artificial fragrances, colorants and preservative free and have no genetically modified ingredients in any form. The Ayutique Collection is a brand created from 100% pure and natural ingredients with no side effects.

Ayutique meaning “The Sacred Quartet of Life” is a unique product individually designed to unravel the secrets of infinite beauty. Specially formulated active ingredients maximise cellular energy, releasing pure life essence into mind, body, spirit and senses, creating fresh renewed cells, enhancing functionality and leaving you radiant, rejuvenated, vibrant and nourished.

In order to assure the highest quality and to create pure blends in Ayurvedic medicine, Aromatherapy oil and massage formulations, a thorough knowledge in Chemistry and the active constituents of herbs are required. Various physical, chemical and biological tests are conducted for the botanical and bio-chemical identification of the raw ingredients to ascertain their quality and detection of adulterations. This system not only provides the authentic raw ingredients but also assists in analyzing and determining the level of authenticity.

The principle of Ayurveda is based on the fundamental universal truth, which is an intellectual gift of ancient human civilization. Ayurveda is not just a healthcare system but a complete approach to living. It offers a rich and comprehensive concept to life and health that takes into account all parts of human existence, from its most abstract transcendental value to its most complete expression in human physiology. In addition, it clearly upholds the intimate connection between human and cosmic life.